Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday Supper August 2nd & New Wines

We enjoyed a delicious Caribbean Feast on Sunday, August 3rd. Our next Sunday Supper is September 6th, during the Decatur Book Festival. We're not sure what the menu will be, so check online in the next week or two. Reservations are recommended!
A few picts from the Sunday Supper:

Yes, we served Goat Curry this Sunday! If you've tried goat cheese, goat milk, or goat yoghurt, you've already started on the path to trying a "new" meat (new to most of us in the US, at least). We purchased this goat meat (called "Chevon") from a farm in Westminster, South Carolina called Billy's Boer Meat Goat Farm. According to the people at Billy's Boer, Chevon is high in protein and lower in fat, calories, saturated fat and cholesterol than chicken, beef, pork or lamb. The taste reminded us more of pork than of lamb, and it was delicious. Who knew?!

Okra on the stove.

Seafood salad with spicy escabesh and avocado dip.

Friends enjoying the feast!
Other news:
We have two new wines on our list. The first is a Greek wine from Gaia Estate (Episkopi Vineyard) in Santorini. The grape is Assyrtiko (pronounced ah SYR tih koh). This is an intense, dry white wine with minerality and citrus notes. It's a lovely wine on these hot summer nights!
The second new wine is a Primativo from Mosby Winery near Santa Barbara, California. Primitivo is a grape grown in Puglia, Italy, and is known as the "father of the Zinfandel grape." We wanted to see how our friends on the West coast were growing this Italian varietal, and we're impressed!