Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Day In The Life Of Pedro

After the dough has fermented for three hours, it is ready to be cut & pre-shaped. The pre-shaped dough (pictured above) is ready to rest. 

The dough then rests for 30 minutes before shaping them into baguettes.  The plastic ensures that the surface of the dough does not dry out.

The fun part begins, the shaping of the baguettes.

The baguettes are ready for proofing and will rest another 30-40 minutes before going into the oven.

 This is our Levain Sourdough being scored before it's baked.  Scoring not only makes the bread look prettier, it also allows for steam to escape the dough while it's baking.


Levain dough in wood baskets 24 hours before baking.


The Levain is baked in a 450 degree steam deck oven.  Steam is injected in the oven and gives our breads a delicious crust.

Here are Levain batards that we use for our lunch sandwiches.

The finished product is available Tuesday-Saturday for purchase.