Friday, November 26, 2010

Historic Bakery Sign Cakes & Ale

Here is the historic sign we uncovered at our new bakery space. Just perfect! It happens to be on the left wall of what will be the Cakes & Ale Bakery.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

After months of designing our new restaurant space at 151 Sycamore, redesigning some of the historic parts of the building, and talking to lots of contractors, engineers, and so forth, we've finally started construction! For all of you who love seeing a project evolve (like us!), here are some photos of the spaces that will be Cakes & Ale.

This is a "before" photo of 155 Sycamore, which will be the main dining room/bar of our new space.
Here's a "before" photo of what will be the bakery at 151 Sycamore.
The photos below are from 11/17/10 and show the beginning of the project: demolition. This is the rear of the bakery in what will be the bakery kitchen. We love the rounded doorway and the brick/plaster. We also found a doorway to the Cakes & Ale restaurant kitchen that we didn't know existed!
Here's a view of the middle space (153 Sycamore) that will house the private dining room and some seating.
Doorway connecting the bar dining room with the private dining room.
We uncovered some old transoms above the front facade that will be restored.
The side of the building will have a few windows installed and outdoor seating along Church Street. (outdoor seating!)
We'll also have a rooftop garden.