Monday, October 29, 2012

Wylde Center Benefit

Our third annual fundraiser in the Oakhurst Community Garden......perfect weather AGAIN! What a great way to kick off this gorgeous month.

Beginning of the night, Jordan & William our bartenders for the evening. 

Our cooks working hard making the hors d'oeuvres. 

David's Labor of Love, stuffed lomo & goat cheese sandwiches topped with candy roaster squash...mmmmmm. Cakes & Ale has recently launched our catering program from David's hors d'oeuvres to Eric's desserts. Call The bakery for all of your sweet & savory catering needs. 

 We would like to give a shout out to The Law, what a perfect addition to our fundraiser! 

 Check out the garden and all of their tenants :)


View from the top. 


Sweet success! All of this made possible thanks to the patrons, volunteers and great staff.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Day In The Life Of Pedro

After the dough has fermented for three hours, it is ready to be cut & pre-shaped. The pre-shaped dough (pictured above) is ready to rest. 

The dough then rests for 30 minutes before shaping them into baguettes.  The plastic ensures that the surface of the dough does not dry out.

The fun part begins, the shaping of the baguettes.

The baguettes are ready for proofing and will rest another 30-40 minutes before going into the oven.

 This is our Levain Sourdough being scored before it's baked.  Scoring not only makes the bread look prettier, it also allows for steam to escape the dough while it's baking.


Levain dough in wood baskets 24 hours before baking.


The Levain is baked in a 450 degree steam deck oven.  Steam is injected in the oven and gives our breads a delicious crust.

Here are Levain batards that we use for our lunch sandwiches.

The finished product is available Tuesday-Saturday for purchase.  

Monday, July 30, 2012

"The Heat Is On"

As July comes to an end, at Cakes & Ale we are still loving all this wonderful produce that the summer has to offer!    Our garden manager Jaime Horton has been working hard on the C& A Garden.


Purple tomatillos, eggplant, Emperor cucumbers, Star of David okra


Panda Thai eggplant

 Here are two recent dishes from the Restaurant menu

wood-oven roasted squashes & onion, soft scrambled eggs, trumpet mushrooms, potatoes, 
okra, tomato, feta, romesco

lightly smoked scallops, cracked wheat & cucumber, roasted tomato vinaigrette, mint yogurt

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Time In The Square

Along with this hot summer comes fresh & local fruits and vegetables.  Here at Cakes & Ale we are using them as many ways as possible!  We are using Georgia peaches in salads, sandwiches, desserts, pastries & preserves. You will find fresh blackberries & blueberries in our desserts & breakfast pastries. The Bakery is happy to offer hot snacks as well as plated desserts starting at 6 pm.  The snacks include arancini, rosemary roasted almonds & citrus marinated olives.

peach pie served with home made vanilla bean  ice cream available in The Bakery

peach Bavarian cream tart, almond crust, warm peach salsa served in Cakes & Ale Restaurant

chiffon cake, flaky crust, fresh blackberries, blackberry cream & compote available in The Bakery and Cakes & Ale Restaurant

seasonal sweet peppers roasting in our wood burning oven

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some June Dishes!

This is our calamaretti pasta with squid, shrimp, peas, leek and parmesan. The pasta is shaped in wide rings, meant to imitate the form of calamari - the idea being that you can take a bite, not knowing if you're getting a piece of pasta or one of calamari. This dish is one of Billy's favorites, and is frequently on the menu!

 Wild King Salmon is served with warm potatoes, and a salad of cucumbers and pole beans with roasted green onions. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

The transition from spring to summer here at Cakes & Ale has been very busy - from bridal showers in the bakery to new drinks and dishes in the restaurant, time seems to have flown by! 
One of our smaller plates, bresaola with fennel & broccoli raab, bottarga and croutons. 

 One of our local vendors had a small supply of veal saddle, which we ran on limited availability as an entree for two. Here, it's straight out of our wood burning oven, resting before plating.

This chilled plate of shrimp, pickled carrots, dill, radishes, cucumber and mizuna is refreshing and a perfect transition plate from spring to summer. 

As always, check out our most recent menu here, and stay tuned for more updates!

Monday, May 7, 2012

May dishes from Cakes!

 Veal tongue tonnato served with beets, curly endive and chopped egg.
 Marinated seafood salad of shrimp, clams and squid with mustard, radish and sorrel.
Pork loin roasted in the wood burning oven with kielbasa, giant lima beans, roasted turnips and onions with salsa verde.
Red snapper with roasted leek and potato, romesco and sunflower sprouts.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recent Dishes from the Menu

Gnocchi verde with rabbit and veal ragu.

Our fantastic Georgia shrimp with ouzo, lemon and garlic, baked in our wood burning oven.

This is our lasagne verde with veal and pork ragu from a week or two ago- it's finished in the wood burning oven to give it a crispy cheesy crust.

A salad of beets with curly endive, chopped egg and herbed creme fraiche.

Fresh red snapper served on a bed of farro with asparagus, peas & ramps and topped with an herb salsa.