Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wednesdays at the Decatur Farmer's Market

The Bakery is happy to be a part of the Decatur Farmer's Market. Our table has breads, cookies, breakfast items, lunch items and coffee or tea to sip or snack on and take home.

Audrey working hard at our table.....

Our sweet neighbor, Melissa, with Low Low Knows Bones makes really yummy dog treats. She has a variety of flavors cheese, chicken liver, tuna and now a gluten-free treat.

boot camp bites, ruff!

JB has eggs, goat cheese and sweetest baby goats.....

Come play with me!

Our friend and local farmer, Bobby Britt!

tiny Brussels sprouts from Bobby

savoy cabbages

Patrick from Hidden Valley Springs has local honey, honey mustard, creamed honey (my favorite), 
bee pollen, bees wax, and soap made with of course, honey. 

  King of Pops perfect for warmer weather at the market.

Our friend and local famer- Steve Miller

sweetest and rustic baby carrot

Our neighbors Simply Scrumptious with mini pies, tarts, brownies and much, much more!

Flat Creek Lodge has a variety of cheeses made from their very own Jersey Cows 

Decatur Farmer's Market continued on our next blog, stay tuned!