Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 09

Summer Begins!
The upside of the summer heat is the start of okra season! Tonight (July 2) was the first night of fried okra at Cakes & Ale. For our first batch, we bought all we could get our hands on (about 10 orders worth) from farmer Bobby Britt. Here's some from our garden, which will go into Cakes & Ale's upcoming summer dishes.

Have you met Richard yet? He's in the kitchen or running the expo most of the time, but he likes to peruse the dining room when he gets a chance to make sure his and Billy's dishes are getting a great reception from our guests. Richard is the Sous Chef at Cakes & Ale and has been with us for about four months. He has great experience, which we love, spending time at Table 1280, Eno, and Bacchanalia after finishing culinary school at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Aside from performing the day-to-day duties of running a restaurant, Billy and Richard bounce a lot of ideas around, and spend time testing and perfecting their creations to let the flavors of the foods take center stage. Here's Richard butchering a beautiful Alaskan salmon (and Cynthia whipping up some of her delicious desserts in the background):

Billy stopped at a farmstand on the way back from Sylva, NC last weekend and picked up some pretty cranberry beans.

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