Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recent Dishes from the Menu

Gnocchi verde with rabbit and veal ragu.

Our fantastic Georgia shrimp with ouzo, lemon and garlic, baked in our wood burning oven.

This is our lasagne verde with veal and pork ragu from a week or two ago- it's finished in the wood burning oven to give it a crispy cheesy crust.

A salad of beets with curly endive, chopped egg and herbed creme fraiche.

Fresh red snapper served on a bed of farro with asparagus, peas & ramps and topped with an herb salsa.


  1. It is good that restaurants are posting their new dishes from their menu so as people will have an idea and will be informed on what they have in their store.

    Candice Anderson
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  2. Thanks for the feedback, Candice! We try to update the blog as often as possible with pictures, but we always have recent menus available on the restaurant's website!